Stud Dog Bowen

Short Infomation

Bowen de l'Ile Romande


born on the 16.4.2008, SHSB 672676
(Ti-Boubou de la Baie des Landes
X Quaciëndas Allie Unique


Color: black

Height: 60 cm


ED 0


Assessment of appearance (Judge's report from 26.10.2010)  

  • General apperance: masculin stud, very strong and well formed head, big brown eyes, ribcage which is appropriate to age in size and depth, free elegant movement
  • Nature: pleasant and friendly
  • Head: very strong and round upper head, distinct stop, wide muzzle, big nose with well opened nostrils
    • Teeth/Dental: complete dentition with shear bite
    • Eyes: big brown eyes
    • Ears: low set long ears
  • Neck and Body: strong neck, sufficient deep chest, developed according to the age, nearly straight back, well rounded, gently falling croup
  • Tail:
    • Tail set: kept low
    • Tail pasture: when standing correct, douring movement kept very high over his back
  • Front legs: good angulation
  • Hinde legs: quite good angulation, solide anklel joint
  • Coat: curly
  • Movement: free easy footed movement with very good front and hind leg action
  • Height: 60cm
  • Testicel: both existing normaly

Qualification: EXELLENT

Result of apperance: PASSED EXAMINATION 

  • decision of suitability for breeding: breeding under special circumstances permitted / reason: tail posture
  • Condition/Proviso: Befor breeding you have to contact the swiss breeders council

Judge: B. Müller

Evaluation of the dogs nature


  • Behavior in a paceeful situation: confident, fearless, good-natured, friendly behavior in a groupe of people
  • Behavior with differetn environmenal impacts: confident, fearless, good-natured, attentive
  • Reaction caused by a gun shot: confident, fearles, used to sound
  • Play with a rag and dog owner: very interested, plays with a lot of joy
  • Play with a rag and expert: very interested, plays with a lot of joy
  • Retrive out of standing water: goes independetly into the water and retrives


  • Main characteristics: very tolerant, confident, well balanced, lively
  • Pray drive: well developed
  • Retrive drive: well developed

Examination: PASSED

Remark: 17 month old very independet stud with a very good character


Expert: ?



Dysplasia Evaluation of the X-ray:


examined on the 14.09.09

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 383.6 KB

Sperm analysis:


Tested by Prof. Dr. Urs Küpfer on the 06.02.2012

Document of the Sperm analysis
Tested by Prof. Dr. Urs Küpfer on the 06.02.2012
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 266.4 KB